#5 It's my day for....... RJR Fabric's What's Your Shade

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This is my second time working with RJR Fabrics (see the first projects here, and here) and I have to say I had just as much fun with this time. From choosing which of the fantastic colours to work with from the RJR Fabrics Cotton Supreme Solids line to what project to tackle!

My selections:  French Vanilla  (111), Bowood Red (266), Red Wagon (110), Driftwood (297), Burlap (310), Grey Hound (321).  I always like trying something different,  I've never made a quilt in these colours and thought they would work great in the modern design I decided to try.

I wanted to attempt  a technique I really had only touched on once in a BOM.  I remember thinking it was fun and modern, but when I sat looking at the blank 18" vanilla block, I have to say I was a little afraid to start, lol. I think I was into the second block before I really started to relax and enjoy the process, but that's just me, wonky and freestyle are not always easier. I like my ruler and cutting instructions, lol!!

I read about the slice and insert technique in the book  Quilting Modern by Jacquie Gering and Katie Pedersen. The amazing part is it is totally improve, so when I  finally got over my apprehensions and started enjoying the process, it was fun to think I was designing my own pattern.

It really isn't hard just make a cut anywhere and sew in a strip and then another and another, till you are satisfied with the look. So a few or a lot it all depends on you. Depending on the angel of the cuts is whether they line up, I had to get over that, in the end I liked  the look, even the odd angles.

Don't forget to read/skim to the bottom for the giveaway. While you are looking at the pictures maybe you can help me come up with a name for my quilt (I'm horrible at it) The only thing that I came up with is Pick Up Sticks, a game I use to play as a child at my Grandmother's. My son says it's Drunk Tic Tac Toe, lol!

So enough talk, let's get onto the picture show!!

As I said I started with 18" blocks of the French Vanilla  and various strip widths from the other colours, and I ended up trimming the blocks at 18.75" when I was finished.

On the Frame, this is when it gets real exciting, and nerve racking...

Definitely the right choice of quilt pattern....

With the weather changing so quickly, here in Canada, I wanted to make sure I got some fun shots while I can!! (before binding)

Love my Wonder Clips

 The home stretch!!

Finished quilt is approximately 60" square.
 and the back.....just some random blocks made up of left overs!!

Found some extra editing tools.....and had some fun playing with exposure and saturation....

So I guess the question goes out to all of you now....What's Your Shade?

Please join in the give away for the FQ Bundle of the fabrics I used in my project and see what you can come up with!!! This time the give away is only open to Canada and the US, sorry to my international friends!! (but stay tuned, because more fun stuff is coming!!)

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