Just so you know!

I love quilting and designing quilt blocks ... and I love sharing them with all of you here. In order to keep doing that I have chosen to find blog sponsors, places I shop and that carry supplies we all need to create. I receive a small monthly fee for advertising for them. My words are always my own, they don't tell me what to say, and I choose specific shops that I know and trust, because we all want to spend our money wisely and receive quality merchandise in return. If you use the links I provide, the sponsors can see that you have traveled from my website, I receive no commission on anything you buy, but it just lets them know I am doing my job (well I hope), this is the same for any discount code offered.

Happy sewing!


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With affiliates, again I only choose products that I love and spend my own money on, but I do receive a small commission on any sales. You should always shop around for your best price, I know I do, but if you are buying I sure appreciate your support by using the links I provide below or blog posts. I will always make you aware in the post if it is an affiliate link, so you can make an informed click.

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