#8 WIP

Just finished another test pattern for QuietPlay , the Cat Woman Lego character!! Turned out great!! I had to take a couple of extra pictures because the joins were bang on, on the first try!!! That does not happen for me everyday, even being very careful ! But to keep me humble I had to rip the one side of the neck head join!! oh well!!

 And finally I'm getting back to Bloom Bloom Pow QAL which ended awhile ago. I unfortunately didn't get to finish with the group, because of a fall and partially dislocating my elbow. Ya, it hurt!!
Well I'm back cutting and trying to clean up all of my WIP projects.... can't wait to see this one come together!!
 I won't be sewing this quilt together multi coloured, but may try another one that way!! Would look just like the hand held pinwheel flyer that says summer fun!!

#9 Cleaned Up!!

#7 Great People!! Helping Out!!