#13 New Projects

So I have been working on a few new things, so here's an update:

Completed the Vanessa Christenson pattern for the Zippered Salvage Pouch found here for Bernina.
This is a fun way to use up salvages without wasting fabric!!

And I started on the letters for the back of the Wave quilt I am making!! Any guesses as to what the 2 words will be?? Lol
Love the alphabet patterns from Quiet Play.

I also took the first of 2 classes for sewing a dress!! I have never been able to master making cloths for myself, so I am hopeful for a positive outcome!! First class was tracing the pattern and making template for the bodice of the dress. With the help of the instructor I was able to adjust the darts, produce another mock up and than make the adjustments to the pattern. I was than able to cut out my actual dress!!

So when I got home I did a little work on my own and the darts are in my dress bodice!! Amazing!!
So hopefully Wednesday next week I will be wearing my new dress!!

#14 Sweet Pouch Swap

#12, Alberta and Quebec