#14 Sweet Pouch Swap

So I was one of 100 lucky appliers to make it into the Sweet Pouch Swap Round #2!!!!  The 100 spots filled up in under 5 hours, so it is pretty popular!!
Not being one to procrastinate... because if I do, nothing ever gets done till the last minute or late, because I totally forget about it.
I found the pattern on The tote is called No Guts Boxy Pouch (click on the name link to get to the pattern) Over all the instructions were clear, but there were a few places were pictures and instructions didn't line up and where instructions weren't clear or missing. I still managed to finish it!
 (This is my first boxy pouch!)

I live in a rural town in Ontario Canada, which has Scottish roots and hosts Scottish Festival and Highland Games every year! So I dropped by the local Scottish shop and picked up some goodies there as well as a local Chocolate Shop!! Yum

It is ready for the mail tomorrow!! Well ahead of the Aug 23, 2013 mailing deadline!! : )

 I also have a few more letters done for the back of  my nephew's Wave quilt!! No one has attempted a guess at what the 2 words could be?? Here's a clue.... it has something to do with food.
And I made a quilt block card to send with the above pouch!!
 I need to practice, over all not bad, but small pieces (7/8" squares ) and big hands aren't a great combination!! But I like it!! I added the stitch lines with a scrapbooking fine tip marker.
Hope everyone is having a great sewing week!! Thanks for dropping by!! Feel free to leave a comment or just say hi!!

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