#15 Dress Making! Hit or Miss

I tried my hand at dress making. It went ok. I say ok, because I am not totally happy with the fit of the dress! I gladly admit that I have little skill in the area of tailoring, and thought if I took a class it might help. So I signed up for a dress class, 2 classes over a 2 week period. Everyone was so great and the woman teaching the class knew far more than me, but was not a seamstress. And I think that is where the problem lays!! I need a professional!!!!!!! I really want to learn to make at least 2 patterns that will fit me!! That's it, just 2... a dress and a skirt!! Is that really too much to ask????

So the problems as I see it with this dress is if you don't get the fit right, it can look like a maturity dress!       I am passed that stage in life, lol, so not what I am looking for!!
The darts I think ended up in the right place, but above the darts is baggy, not good if you ever want to bend over, without showing off the girls!!

Also the dress seems to flare out, along with having side pockets....again that combination for a girl with hips...not working so hot for me!! So needless to say this venture into cloths making is a miss at this point!!!

  But I haven't totally given up yet, I have an appointment with a local seamstress/dressmaker on Tues morning!! I told you I want to master 2!! This may not be one of them, but I am hoping we can at least save it from being cut up and used for a quilt project!! ; )

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