#16 Catching Up

Today has been a very long day!!
I've been trying to catch up on the Craftsy BOM 2013, which I had fallen months behind on.  The blocks are a lot more complicated this year, and some months you are making multiple blocks, so it has been really hard to catch up quickly! Over the last few weeks and a bit I have  however finally been able to conquer and as of this evening I am finally caught up....just in time for the August block to arrive!!! lol

April, a fan block, not so bad, right??
This is the block that started my falling behind. It required you to make 3 templates!! I really don't like to make templates, that's why they sell really nice, perfectly cut rulers and templates!! So I don't mess it up!! And I couldn't find freezer paper here in Canada. So I just refused to make this block till I could find freezer paper, but of course I didn't. I finally gave up on finding freezer paper and made a template, only to find freezer paper, of course!! But, miracle or miracles... the templates worked, which made me extremely happy. One down!!

May, Not too bad either, except learning how to cut on 45 degree angle! Doing the first cut wrong and not having enough fabric left in your strip sets and having to make more, ugh!!

June, June is beautiful, but Y-Seams, the name says it all......WHY!!!!! Honestly I was more frustrated with the differences between the print outs for the month and the tutorial itself. You can't just read the paper work and do the block or just watch the tutorial and do the block, neither one has all the information. Which caused me and my stitch ripper to spend a lot of unnecessary time together!! dble ugh!!

Will I do another Y-Seam, not if there is an easier way!!
 July, Tumbler Blocks, another could have been Y-Seam. Thankfully the instructor simplified the block. So we only had to do 60 degree cut triangles and diamonds. So more bias edges than I've ever worked with again and the light triangles you had to keep track of  the straight grain edge and place on the straight seam joint!! Oh my! Last year when we had a more difficult block one month we would get a break the next, : (

Laura did make a suggestion for a small design board to help keep this one straight, and thankfully I had all the supplies needed left over from the design wall I made a month or so ago!! It really did help, because keeping track of all the angles and pieces for this one was a little bit of a challenge. 

So I am all caught up with 2 days to spare before the next block tutorial is released, though it is an applique and I am not sure I am putting it into my quilt!! I think I am going to go free style and add a block of my own choosing or design in it's place!! And I am off to relax, till tomorrow, when the ups and downs of quilting will continue!!! : )
In case you missed seeing the first 3 blocks or just want to see them all on one page, here is Jan-Mar.


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