#9 Cleaned Up!!

So last week I said I was going to clean up my hobby room so I could take pictures to share with you all. I also stated in the blog that I like to be organized, but than work my way into a mess, only to have to organize again. You would think I would have outgrown that, but alas I embrace my flaws!!
Well here's another... I get easily distracted by shiny new So while I'm cleaning and organizing and checking in on instagram, I see this post from @sunnyincal. Beautiful. right!! Using her scraps. (great scraps by the way!!)

 And I thought, I'm tidying up, and this would fall under cleaning, right?? (girl math!!) lol (and it isn't like I was going shopping, I have everything already...)(more girl math) lol

  So I tidied up my batting and fabric scraps, and started another WIP!  Even though I said I wouldn't ! ;) oops.....

And even with all the distractions and added projects, I still managed to tidy up!!

I should mention,  I am doing my blocks as a quilt as you go. I had seen a YouTube tutorial from the Gourmet Quilter and thought this is the perfect time to try that. If you are new to this technique I posted pictures on my tutorial page and the link above will take you to the video I watched.

#10 Frustration and Triumphs and Blog

#8 WIP