#10 Frustration and Triumphs and Blog

Well lets be honest not everything in life goes as planned!! And this week I certainly found that to be true.
 My plans for my summer included staying on top of all the projects I have committed myself to, and this week I wanted to get caught up on the Flower Patch QAL, the Virtual Quilting Bee QAL , Craftsy Block of the Month, and finish the assigned work for the String of Pearls QAL, and if I was lucky some odds and ends. Ambitious?? Sure! Doable?? I wanted to find out!! lol
I started with the Flower Patch:  I don't know why this pattern is giving me so much trouble! It is beautiful and I have made all the components of the blocks before, but for some reason right from the start I have had problems. (Completed blocks, aren't they cute!! But they're evil!! lol)

First problem arose right at the beginning of the  QAL, while trying to figure out the pattern,  I sewed the background fabric in the wrong place which resulted in me hunting everywhere to buy more fabric! (can't find it anywhere in Canada, ??) Than this week while trying to get 4 more blocks done, I must have sewn on the wrong line when doing my pedal corners, resulting in 3 units being 1/4" too small when I went to sew my blocks together.  ERRR!! Not a great day!!
 So I packed it up and put it all away for a few days!! 
So now 4 days later, I have re cut the pieces and sewn all pieces together up to the rows, and will complete that another day!! 
Someday I am going to truly appreciate all the hard work I am putting into this quilt, but right now is not that day!!! : ) 

Now onto the smooth sailing part of my week....
I have all my String of Pearl QAL blocks done and 2 rows are already sewn together!! I have till the 17th to complete the top! To stay on track.

 I'm all caught up on the Virtual Quilting Bee!! And found a new photo editing app!! Fun!! ( Rhonna Designs, thanks to Amber of One Shabby Chick Hawaii)

 I'm ahead in my cutting from the City Sampler QAL. (You can see all my pictures with the Flickr and Instagram links above)
 And I am about half way through sewing my 1/2 hexies, for the Bloom Bloom Pow QAL.
 So I didn't get the Craftsy BOM caught up or do any extra stuff, but all in all, even with the frustrating, bumpy start to my sewing week,  I still managed to accomplish a great deal more than I thought I might!!
This week....more of the same...hopefully without the frustrating parts!!

#11 So Tempted to Start More Projects.....

#9 Cleaned Up!!