#11 So Tempted to Start More Projects.....

I have been reading so many Blogs and they are so good! So much information out there and so many projects to try!! Like the QAL at Happy Quilting Melissa's blog            
and Sew Mama Sew, has the Modern BOM 2, and a Sewing Match contest,
  also Craftsy just sent me info on a  Mystery Quilt, taught by Amy Gibson....and that is just the ones I've noticed in the last few days!
Ok so let's be honest, well I mean me, lol!! I signed up for the first project the Sewing Match is doing, design your own A Line Skirt, through Craftsy, it was half price, and I am hoping  I will be able to master a pattern!! The nice thing with the Craftsy classes, I don't have to start until I want to, once you purchase a class ( and there are some for free) it is always available to you. So no pressure!!
I also signed up for the Amy Gibson, Mystery Quilt!! I couldn't help myself, a mystery...using Amy Butler's Belle line, top fabric included in the class price (US and Canada only) and 35% off!! Can't wait for the fabric to arrive, class starts Aug 1. (stand alone class will be available for purchase around or on Aug 1, for outside the above mentioned areas) I feel like a comericial... but this is just info, no affiliations, I'm excited about!!

Anyway onto the WIPs:
I continue to work on the Bloom Bloom Pow, its on the design wall waiting to be sewn together!! I'd been looking at it for a few days desiding if I liked my placement, when I realised I had flowers with petals falling off!!! Somehow the gray and white got switched on one of my strip sets so 2 of my green gray combinations look like they are loosing their petals! I just laughed, and I couldn't help but think of one of the girls I follow on Instagram, whose user name is perfectionnotincluded. Perfection is over rated!! I love it! It's mine!! and now mine is unique!! ; )
I  completed blocks 22-24 of 100 of Tula Pink's City Sampler

and my top is sewn and my back is ready for the String of Pearls QAL 

Hopefully that will be finished in the next week or 2!
And lastly....I signed up at a local quilt shop for a Dress making Class!! OOh Boy! I really want to be able to make at least a dress and a skirt, being 5'10" it is hard to find cloths long enough!! I know boo hoo, I hear from my friends who are shorter, they have to shorten everything... to which I least you can remove extra material, I can't add material that isn't there! The usually agree!! ; )
So wish me luck, and if anyone out there is a clothing sewer, any helpful tips would be appreciated!!

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