#18 A Slower Week

I'm still sewing, but at a much slower pace, with my main sewing machine in for repair and my long arm down with a dead computer screen!! Yikes!!! Luckily I just purchased a smaller, lighter machine for taking to classes!

OOh, before I put up the rest of the QAL pictures I promised I have to share pictures of the pattern I tested for Kristy at Quiet Play. It is an amazing pattern!!

 I accidentally took the picture turned! The dark blue should be the square and the light blue on point!! But you get the idea!!

Here: 4 block repeat!! Just love this pattern!!
It's a nice pattern to piece too! You can cut strips and even sub-cut into blocks because nothing is really added at crazy angles!! (Minimum waste)

Well onto the rest of the QAL pictures!!

9. String of Pearls

Nothing really to add for the String of Pearls, but for those who don't follow me on Instagram....
here is the completed front....

and the back.....

and loaded ready for the machine to be repaired so I can quilt this beauty!!

8. Bloom Bloom Pow

I can't tell you how happy I am to finally have this pattern together!!!! I love how happy it is!! I found this one really scary (newbie, fears) but it was more scary in my mind than in actual execution!!  So if you are thinking of doing it....go for it!! Take your time with the seams and pressing, because they do get bulky in the centers!! And if you look close at some of my apple green blooms you will see I made an error when sewing a strip set together and some of my shadow peddles appear to be falling off!! I only share this for anyone struggling with too much perfection....(me) lol!! I'm learning to let somethings go and embrace shall we call it "beauty in the imperfect moments of life"!! And its all ok!! and I still love it!!

Also if you have seen the Bloom Bloom Pow QAL the sides were suppose to be trimmed off to square it up....I couldn't bring myself to cut off what took so long to accomplish!!!! Instead I added triangle wedges to the ends of each row. It worked out great!!

2. City Sampler

This one is so not my normal style, but I'm loving the bright, happy, bold quilt this will be!! Just says fun!!

Oh and in case you are keeping track, to keep me, on track....I have 3 sides sashed on the Craftys BOM 2012!! Hoping to have the other side done today and square them up!! 

I'm going to a have a pile of my own quilts in no time!!! Ya!!

Have a great week everyone!!

#19 Quilting Again

#17 I love the beginning of the month!!!