#20 Letting go of Perfection

Well from last weeks post to this weeks post has been a process of letting go!! Perfection... what is it anyway? because what I think is perfect or imperfect could be the total opposite of what your view is!! I love reclaimed hardwood, have it in our family room and dining area.

All the knots and and holes and inconsistent grain, I love it!! It's imperfections are what makes it special! So why was I having such a hard time with "perfection" in my quilting???
I have no idea!! and I'm happy to tell you, with all of the encouraging remarks I have received over the last week and pushing myself to keep going and finish the quilt top, I have let go of a lot of that "perfection pressure" that I was putting onto myself, and I started really enjoying the quilting process more. I've even started to feel a lot more comfortable with the long arm machine and actually like the finished top!! I even like how it looks on the back!!!! I also can't wait to get another quilt loaded and go again!!! lol!! Quite a change from how I was feeling last week.
I have decided though that I am going to stick with one pattern, probably stippling, until it is second nature and I feel totally comfortable with it, than try learning a new pattern!! I think that way I'll be better able to gauge more clearly my learning and improving curve!! I'm so excited to start!!!

What I've been up to this week:

 String of Pearls or as I call mine String of Pure Style!

You really see the pattern  the stitching makes at this angle!!

 Blocks 37-39 From the Tula Pink City Sampler QAL
Realized I totally missed posting 3 of my blocks

Block# 13 From the Virtual Quilting Bee
Brooke Johnson of Pitter Putter Stitch showed two variations of the same block!! Exact same pieces, just placed differently to achieve two different looking blocks!! So Cool!! How could I resist I had to make both!! Which means I am going to have to make some extra blocks at the end of this bee to be able to incorporate this extra block!!! Oh well it is worth it!!

Here's a reminder of what has been made so far:

 and the hint: Food related

Any guesses?
Last but not least a sneak peak at a baby quilt I am making for a very special baby!!
 More on this next week!!

#21 New Beginnings

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