#22 Quilter Down!

So this was my first week of my new normal, with all the kids living for the most part out of the house!! Our College boy will be home a lot of weekends and holidays, etc, but our house is empty and quiet!! And I have to say this week was kind of hard! It didn't help that I wasn't feeling well either, but the quiet and the not seeing him and talking with him everyday and hearing him laugh so hard while he's watching a funny TV show, I really missed all of that!!!!...... Now I didn't miss the attitude he can give me (that he thinks is funny) or the mess he leaves every time he goes into the kitchen, lol, so I did find a silver lining in my rain cloud!! When he came home for 2 days over the weekend we were able to go shopping for school and dorm supplies and spend  some quality time together as a family, which helped so much!! I realize that from now on it is all about quality time over quantity time, and I am  trying to settle into this new stage of life, hoping it gets easier, and I'm sure it will, but for now.... when he pulled out in his car to go back to school, my heart still  hurt!! Adam however is right where he should be, and spreading his wings as they say and I know he is going to fly!!!

What I've been up to:

City Sampler QAL

Modern Blocks QAL

Made a Market Bag. You can find the pattern by clicking on the patterns tab above!

 I made a wallet!! It needs a little tweaking this week! I hope to have a tutorial ready for next weeks post!!

As promised, more on the baby quilt for my friend!!

I also was having a lot of fun with the photo a day challenge And Sew We Craft is doing right now: These are my favourites of the photos I have taken over the last 8 days. You can see them all at lattegirl40 on Instagram.
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Day 6 Paint

Day 8 Hoop

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