#27 Struggles & Miracles

I know this isn't my regular type of post, but this is a one time only share, about my best friend and her miracle! So read on or just scroll through the pictures of the quilt progress and completion!!

 I have been promising pictures and the back story for the Riley Blake Life in the Jungle quilt I have been making for my friend Kellie, but I kept running into road blocks that slowed me down. Well I believe that everything happens at the right time, even if I sometimes doubt and question why. So this is the perfect time for my post, and my friends story is like that too. Perfectly timed!

 I wanted to share Kellie's story and Kellie agreed, to hopefully encourage anyone struggling with infertility, or just struggling and needed to feel encouraged and hopeful about whatever is going on in your life right now.
Kellie and Dan were married in 2000 and started trying for a family in 2001. In 2002 after no success, they went and had tests to determine why they weren't conceiving. The tests showed no medical reason for infertility. In 2003 they started on fertility pills. In 2005 Kellie had surgery for endometriosis, and continued on with the fertility pills. They did 2 IUF procedures  later in the year which involved lots of blood work, trips to the fertility clinic and abdominal needles for Kellie. Neither of the procedures worked!

 In 2006 Dan and Kellie had the opportunity to go to Korea, for Dan to teach. They figured it would be time to relax and take a break from fertility treatments and all the stress. They ended up staying for 2 yrs.

They returned home in 2008 and in 2009 started the adoption process. They wanted a family so much and were exited when they were accepted in 2011 for adoption,

but all through this process Dan's health had begun to break down physically and emotionally, and they had to give up their chance at an adoption. Dan wasn't working and then Kellie lost her job and was out of work for a year.

Their marriage hit some really rocky ground and came very close to ending, but with the help of friends, family and prayer, God saw them through. Kellie found a new job, that is closer to home and Dan is doing better, but the dream of a family was over in their minds.

 But just like I said we don't always understand God's timing, but I truly believe it is perfect.....
 Kellie and Dan announced that after 12 years of trying and at 37 years old Kellie was having a baby!!!!!

 I'll  share that I screamed and laughed and danced (not a pretty sight, I'm sure) but I was over the moon happy for them both!! They have opted out of screening, because this is their miracle, a precious life no matter what!! They have had ultra sounds that show no problems and a healthy, growing baby...wait for it.... 


Who knows why the wait, like Kellie says, it was hard going through a lot of this, and some stuff still hurts, but I am going to have my baby boy, and that makes me so happy.

Silver linings. We always need to look for the silver linings. Sometimes what we want isn't what we need. Sometimes the timing is wrong and then it is so right!!!! Sometimes sharing our pain helps us all get stronger...

                                          Don't give up!!!

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