#28 Behind!!

It's fall here in Canada, my favourite season....all the colours are so amazing!! I love those crisp days when the sun is out and I love to snuggling up with a hot drink and a good book (and now I can add a quilt!!) I love the way the leaves fall in the breeze and the way things smell!!! It just makes me smile!

And there are still flowers!!

Better late than never, though truth be told I hate being late!! I would rather be 15 to 20 minutes early!! There is a lot going on right now...  my daughter is getting married in approximately 4 weeks! We hosted a meet the family and friends event on Saturday, and I finally got around to shopping for an outfit, Monday morning (don't really like to shop) and got really lucky and found a dress I really like in the first shop I went to. Went on line ordered 3 pairs of shoes (not keeping them all, just options!! lol) So got that off my to do list, hip hip hurrah!!

So back to......

 What I've been up to this Week:

 Made 3 Halloween table runners! 2 gifts, one for me!!
Followed this tutorial I found online and made a handled basket for treats!!

Finished the last block of the Virtual Quilting Bee at Live a Colorful Life and she liked my block enough to post it on her blog!! How cool is that!!

Sugar Block Club October's Block:  Love how this one turned out.

 Started to applique the numbers on my Count Down to Christmas , and it was just one of those days!! Was half way through cutting the wonder under numbers out when I realized I was going to be cutting them out again in the fabric and only needed to rough cut them at this stage! And than proceeded to iron them all on the right side of my fabric instead of the backside!! What was I thinking???
Oh well, all fixed and starting to sew them down.

(late addition!!) I forgot to add my City Sampler Blocks

Last but not least I started a new project (because I don't have enough to keep me busy, lol)  for Quiet Play, another pattern test!! This one is called WinterBound! I am testing a full pattern this time not just the block!!   These blocks go together so fast, (I completed 6 in forty minutes today...that is just sewing time, I precut rectangles of the white and colour) and it is such a great pattern. Just click on the link above to see the quilt on Kristy's Blog!

2 of 6 colours completed!
(Hey, Kelly if you are reading this post...this is a prime example of over buying fabric!! hehe!! bought for  Bloom Bloom Pow QAL and I have so much left over I am making this quilt top and will still have some left!! lol)

#29 Happy ThanksGiving.....

#27 Struggles & Miracles