#29 Happy ThanksGiving.....

I know early for some...but I am Canadian....and really, is it ever to early to start being thankful....or to express our gratitude or to be generous... I know I need to take more time to think about how fortunate I am and how I can give back to my family, community and the world I live in. In the business or busyness of life I forget sometimes. So I thought I would make a list of things I am thankful for....

1    I am thankful for Family, I cherish
2    for  Friends, to laugh with and cry with
3    Home,  a safe haven, and space to create!!
4    Food, an endless variety of choices
5    Nature, Seasons, sun, moon, stars- all spectacular
6    Technology- that can keep us connected in ways that are amazing when the distance is far
7    Health- to enjoy it all,
8    and isn't taste and touch and all our other sensory abilities fantastic...can you
      imagine not having them??
9    I am thankful for today!!!
10  I am grateful to God for all these gifts and more!!!

Hope you are having a great weekend and taking time to enjoy life and be thankful......

What I've Been Up To:
I made my own ice cream sandwiches! I used Dare Simply Delicious Cookies, Chocolate with Black Cherry and Spice with Praline Crunch, but find a combination you like. Just make sure you make them the day ahead and leave in the freezer over night to soften the cookie.     
I also tried a  new recipe that I found on a new online friends blog, . Jacquelynne has a wonderful website and blog, and puts out a free e-magazine, The Art of Home,  full of great ideas. 

even shared with friends that moved to an amazing new home, they designed, last week!! ( ok I was a bit  behind on delivery, lol )   

Finished appliqueing all the red and green numbers, only brown left to do! Then I can start assembling the pockets!!

 Finished the tester pattern for Kristy at Quiet Play !  I loved this paper pieced block and quilt pattern. It went together so quick and easy! Great beginner block, but with such versatility great for all. (I took some pictures of other ways the block could go together)

3 more City Sampler Blocks down!

#30 Christmas is starting early....

#28 Behind!!