#31 Winter Has Arrived

So this week in Ontario, Canada winter  arrived......It was cold all week and wet, but this is what I woke up to Saturday! Our first snow storm!! (don't worry, I was the passenger for the road picture!!)

And along with the cold weather comes colds and flues, which I have been battling this week.....oh well. But better this past  week than this coming week!  because my daughter gets married this week!!! And this week is going to get crazy!!

What I've Been Up To:

I received a very lovely bundle of Art Gallery Fabric from a dear friend Frances Newcombe, newest Art Gallery designer!! Her first fabric line, Safari Moon, comes out in December.  She wanted me to try some of Art Gallery's fabric out and see what I thought!! It's lovely fabric, really nice to work with. It must have a high thread count too because there was minimal fraying, which is fantastic.             

Lunch Tote:

 So I promptly made a lunch bag tote,  with a tutorial I found online at Pink Penguin (There are a few things I would change about the pattern the next time I make this tote, but over all the tutorial is great). Just read through the whole tutorial before you start, because some information you find out later in the instructions would be useful to know before you cut your fabric.


I found a pattern for crocheted baskets over at Crochet in Color.   I found it a great project to keep me occupied while I was feeling a little under the weather, and I needed a baby shower gift (the peach ones) and thought this would be perfect! So of course I made one and than another one the larger size, which turned into 3 sets of baskets!!! 

Christmas Gifts:

I finally started quilting  my nephew's quilt! I wanted to echo the wave pattern but quickly learned it wasn't that easy. I needed to use a ruler to stitch the angle, so I ordered 2 rulers. The rulers came and I realized I needed an extention table for the throat of my long arm, so the ruler would sit properly!!! I am learning a now that will be ordered....but I needed to get this done...and I wanted simple lines, so what is simpler that straight!!! lol My machine locks in veritical and horizontal so this is going to be easy and I think it is going to be perfect!!                                                               
13 a bakers dozen placemats for my Mom! I need to bind them still, but the quilt as you go part is done!! If you look close you will see that they are all made with the same fabrics but not one of them sewn the same!! Making 13 of them I didn't want to have to think about it too much, just sew, and I think they are so fun and bright! Christmas Cheer!! All the backs are the same though with a fall theme, making the placemats 2/4/1!!

Tester Block/BOM:

I also tested a new block for Kristy at Quiet Play . I can't share the block with you, but below are the fabrics I chose for the block, and I can share....

Kristy is going to be doing a Retro Kitchen BOM starting January 1st 2014. I can't wait, you should check it out!!

City Sampler:

Hope I'm lucky!!!!

#30 Christmas is starting early....