#33 A Coupon Code

When I started quilting and sewing again I knew I would want to come up with someway to label everything. If not for now the future. I found a label company while reading another quilters blog and with her help and Freyza the owner, I received the most lovely labels to sew into my projects. I have since ordered labels for my mother-in-law is navy with silver print with a graphic, and they were just as fantastic, and my mother-in-law was thrilled! When I started getting inquiries about where I purchased my labels, I contacted ikaprint and Frezya has made a 5% off coupon code for you to use if you wish to order labels of your own. Just type upstairshobbyroom in the coupon code area before you finish your order!

 This is the an example of the proof email, you check to make sure everything is the way you envision and than you ok the labels! It will also help give you a reference point for label sizing. Then the next step after receiving them is start to add them to your projects!! Lol, unless you are like me and keep forgetting and have to get out my stitch ripper and remove a few stitches to add the label!! It's crazy I even have them in their clear plastic bag thumb tacked to the cork board where I am sewing! and I still forget!

What I've Been Up To: 

When I showed the calendar to a friend, she wondered if I needed to add something in the center so that when I  hung it up it doesn't sag. Something I hadn't thought about, especially since I added borders and made mine larger than the original pattern, which gave me the opportunity to add a label, because surprise, I forgot!! lol

I quilted the Modern Trees QAL

I'm really happy with the way this one is turning out, even though I chose the easier layout and very simple quilting!! All that is left now is choosing the binding and sewing it on!! (oh and adding a label!!!)

I completed the November block for The Sugar Block Club. One more block to go. I was so happy with this blocks turn out, wasn't sure about the plaid fussy cut, but I love it!!
 I knit the Gap-tastic Cowl so pretty! I didn't have any chunky yarn so I just doubled up worsted weight, and it turned out great!
and as always 3 more City Sampler Blocks:
I had fun with these (73) I just did very simply (74) I used 4 fabrics instead of the 2 the pattern asked for, partly because I thought it would look interesting and partly because I want to use up some of the scraps making these blocks creates. (75) I flipped the pattern and solids, and I used a different fabric for every little square! and it turned out awesome!!!

#34 Lots of Fun Things to Share.....

#32 New Beginnings....