#48 Quilt as You Go Demo

I am so far behind on posting to my blog....
Between illness, sewing for a few Blog Hops and lets just be real....laziness
but here goes.... 

First I joined the Sew Along that The Quilt Barn hosted for the Sew Together Bag by Michelle of Sewdemented and was asked on Instagram how I did the piecing for the outside of my bag. So here are some pictures and explanation of what I did.

1. Start by cutting your batting or fleece a bit bigger than you need, trim down after.

2. Cut strips of fabric the length needed (mine strips were 1.5-2" wide by the length I needed) Lay them out in the order you want to sew them on.

3. Find the center of your batting, and the center of your strip. 

4. First strip is sewn on right side up. 1/4" seam

5. Next strip is centered and sewn with right sides together. Press strip back so right side is up

6. Continue until you cover your batting.

7. I then sewed the 2 end pieced the same way.

8. Then I stitched with variegated thread every 1/4 inch to add a decorative feature. 
9. Trim to correct size required.

What I've Been Up To:

3 Sew Together Bags Completed of the 4 I planned on doing. (4th one coming)

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