#50 Part 3...Struggles and A Little Miracle

I'm finally getting the rest of the amazing story of my best friend's miracle pregnancy written up for all of you who were following along on the blog and who sent Kellie and the baby your thoughts and prayers. If you are new to my blog and want to read the story from the beginning go to Part 1 and Part 2 of their story.

So it seems with all parts of this story it starts with some struggles... but let's start with the happy part first...

It's a Boy!!!!
Born February 8th weighing in at 6lbs 4oz.

Kellie went into labor on Feb 7 and struggled with dilation, and ended up having an emergency C Section, with an epidural (which gave her a headache for 3 days, not nice). The baby was stuck in her pelvis and in duress and then stopped breathing (about 4 minutes) after delivery. The doctors had to help him start to breath, and then he was able to continue breathing on his own. Kellie didn't get to see the baby for more than 30 minutes after he was born, his dad (Dan) was able to follow and watch over him as the doctors where checking him. ( Kellie was a little out of it on the medication, she says with a chuckle. I went in later in the afternoon and she was very funny on the happy meds!! lol) The doctors called in the specialists because Caleb was still showing signs of stress, his heart rate would dip really low to about 60 when his rate should be about 120. So he was transferred to a hospital 1 1/2 hours away, that was equipped to better treat Caleb. They brought him in an incubator for Kellie to see before he was transferred, and Kellie had to wait for another ambulance to take her later. Later was 6 hours. 6 hours with only a phone number to call to get information on what was happening with your newborn.  So many people were praying. Dan was being amazingly strong and well Kellie, was as stated above, a little loopy on pain meds. (which was funny to see and helped her not to stress as much).

God answered another prayer and Dan was able to not only go in the ambulance, but stay at the hospital with Kellie and Caleb for the 5 days they were admitted.

Kellie didn't get to hold Caleb until the second day and was finally able to try and nurse him as well. Unfortunately there have been some struggles in this area too and  he wasn't getting enough milk from nursing alone so they've had to supplement with formula. Kellie is such a trooper!!!
The good news Caleb had multiple tests eeg, ecg, blood work, etc. during the 5 days and all were coming back normal and even when his heart rate dipped his oxygen saturation remained at 100%. After 5 days they were released from this hospital and sent to a general hospital, were they continued to monitor Caleb's heart rate and weight and 3 days later they were home!!

He will still have some regular visits to see the specialist to keep monitoring him as he grows, just to be safe. His next visit is in May. But God is so good and this little guy is growing so fast, look at that face, amazing!!! (I get to brag, being an honorary Auntie!! :)

An amazing miracle and blessing!! And so cute!!

Now nobody really probably cares, What I've Been Up To: , after those cute pictures, lol......

Sugar Block Club 2014

Look how much smaller the row gets

And Maple Syrup production is in full swing!!! Oh Yum :)

And 2 batches are made!!! 16.5 L

Ratio of sap to syrup is 40 to 1. So you need 40 liters of sap to produce 1 liter of syrup. A lot of boiling and adding sap a bit at a time, and keeping the fire going, but oh so worth it!!

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