#61 Summer Mood...Mode?

Seriously there is so much I want to do this summer, I made a list and everything......but I just can't seem to stay focused.
Is it the intermittent sun and warmth we are getting, along with what we have started to call, "Tornado Tuesdays"!!
Or the pool that was relined only to have the pool heater fritz out!!
Or kid (adult, really)  and the stuff that comes with....
Or continued quilting frustrations....
Or the internet bill that arrived, that was 4 times its normal cost......
I don't know, but I am seriously needing a jolt, to bring me out of this slump!!! (bad mood, lets be honest, lol)
So I am hoping that writing it down and putting up pictures of the things I have got done will make me smile!! Hope you like it too!!

Here's What I've Been Up To:

Made Home Made Spray Starch: I don't have a lot of experience with starch, but It works great as far as I can tell, and a whole lot cheaper.
Recipe is here

Finished the 4 Nested Churn Dash Blocks and some extra single ones

Finished the Moda Trifle Dish Rows, with Kate Spain SunnySide!! I am loving this quilt!! Now to decide on borders!!

 Summer+Sandles=Manicure (cute little daisies on my big nails!! :)

 This happened....what, WHAT?? Oops row 5 forgot two end pieces; row 2?? OOPS, so need to read instructions better, missed trimming my blocks! Which also explains why the pattern didn't join up properly, along with the fact that I appliqued my petals wrong (eek)! So my pattern became a flower instead of an orange peel!! lol Sometimes you just have to roll with it!!
But it all worked out in the end with a few revisions!! I couldn't be happier, and in a few years won't even remember that mine isn't exactly to pattern. Lol

Bought my first spools of Aurifil!! My machine loves it, which means I love it too!!!!!

And I won a Tshirt!!! so excited to wear it!! Thanks to the Online Fabric Store

I also received the 3 books I won, participating in the Mini Medallion QAL!! Thanks to SewMamaSew and Stash Books!!!
The last of my churn dash blocks are together so now I need to get that top sewn together!! Excited about this one too!!
 And next project will be......From Amy Smart's (Diary of a Quilter) new book, with fabulous RJR Batiks (Jinny Beyer Lagoon line) and Cotton Supreme Solids!! Whoop Whoop!! This is going to be awesome!!

Ok, it's working, I'm already feeling better and smiling!!  Thanks for dropping by, hope everyone is having a great summer (or winter for my down under friends) and a great 4th of July for my southern neighbors!! I enjoyed my Canada Day by relaxing and you guessed it, some sewing!!!

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