#85 Exciting News..... "Twists & Churns"

Remember all the hints of what I was secretly sewing.....Well, I'm so excited to finally be able to share...... I designed a cute mini quilt, Twists & Churns and it's being published in the next issue of The Art of Home free eMagazine by Jacquelynne Steves.
I hope you will all pop over and sign up, and let me know what you think!! If  you decide to make a Twists & Churns mini I hope you will tag it with #twistsandchurns on social media (especially Instagram)  so I can see what you come up with!!
If my pattern isn't enough to grab you, Jacquelynne also has an interview with Pat Sloan in this issue!!

What I've Been Up To:

I finished my Elephant Parade Quilt pattern by Sew Fresh Quilts. I used Lorna's scrappy bits border technique and it looks so cute.

Used my new label (don't forget, upstairshobbyroom,  is the coupon code to save you 5% if you are looking for labels, link is in the sidebar)

 I put a 5" square folded in half in the top corner for a hanging hook and maybe an extra label (if I am blessed to someday give this beauty to a grandbaby, just say'n)

I still need to add the embroidery details....working up to's been awhile and I'm rusty.

I tested the Geometric Butterfly for Kristy at Quiet Play. Oh my goodness it turned out so fantastic. I love rainbows, and wanting spring to come sooner, I am playing with lots of colour right now!!! It just makes me smile.....happy colours......

Which turned into making an Easter Basket, pattern by Amy Smart

Which turned into a rainbow table runner......which I love.......smiling big this week, even with the freezing weather we are having......

I thought I would share the pattern/ measurements I made for my runner, incase anyone else is inspired to create their own rainbow.

Rainbow Table Runner Quilt as You Go

Measure your table to get the size you want for width and length. I will give you my measurement, but you insert your own in its place.

I made my table runner approximately 14" wide by 94" long. You will need to add about a 1/2 " to an 1" to your width for trimming later.

You will need a piece of backing fabric and batting a couple of inches bigger than your finished runners length and width.

Cut: (40) 2.5" strips 14.5" long in various colours (I chose 27 colours from Kona jelly roll strips) 
        (39) 1" strips 14.5" long in Kona White

Binding strips: (6) 2.25" X WOF strips Kona White

I spray basted the backing and batting together and starting in the center with a coloured strip right side up and a white strip wrong side up and right side to the coloured strip 14.5" raw edges lined up stitch a 1/4" seam through all layers. Press the white fabric back and add the next coloured strip. Continue sewing on alternating white and coloured strips until you cover to the end. Tip: Sew the white strips top to bottom and the coloured strips bottom to top to even out the pull on the fabric, or your will have a very misshaped runner. Then repeat for the other side.

*If you are unfamiliar with quilt as you go check out this tutorial I did or another one here

When you're done, trim up the sides and ends and bind your runner!!

Good luck and happy sewing!!!!

#86 Twists & Churns

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