Dusk Pattern Review and a Give Away

I was lucky to get to test From Blank Pages new pattern called Dusk. It was the first pattern of Diane's that I have sewn, so I thought I would share a little review with you all.

  1. I've never sewn a paper pieced pattern before that came with cutting templates. It was fantastic!!! I was a bit skeptical, being angle challenged....but they were perfect, and a much better use of your fabric!! 
  2. The pattern is written so well and easy to follow, with lots of tips and help links
  3. It comes with 2 size options, 18" and 24" (mine is 24") 
  4. It's on sale right now.....always good
The only minor issue I had was there was no fabric yard requirements listed.  I kinda ran out of one green colour I thought I would have enough of.  To fix it, I added another green and just adjusted their placements and it turned out great. Hind sight, I should have taken the templates and laid them out on my fabric to check, but I hadn't thought of that. (I'm not sure if this was changed in the final pattern alternations) Don't let this stop you though, once you've laid out one blocks templates just write down what you will need and times it by the number of blocks you are making. 

I haven't had a chance to finish my block yet, still deciding if it will be a pillow or a mini for my wall.
I am also pretty sure I see a full quilt with this block in my future!!!! It is just so pretty and you should see all the testers versions too!! Use the tag #fbpDusk or @fromblankepages on Instagram. Diane will be sharing pictures of all our blocks over the next few days. As always you can find me @upstairshobbyroom on Instagram. 

I used Shot Cottons and Kona Indigo for this block. I said this before, but worth repeating....I bought this fabric sight unseen, and wouldn't use it to quilt with, but thought it a good project to use it up with, being as it wouldn't see much washing. It is pretty light weight, better for summer cloths I think, were you serge the edges of this very gauzy type fabric. (If I was talented enough to sew my own cloths, that is)

The Give Away

One lucky reader has the chance to win this fantastic pattern, so spread the word..... and good luck

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