Crochet Baskets

I found this fun pattern online a while ago when I was wanting to make some fun and useful handmade gifts. I ended up making baskets for an online friend, a baby shower gift, a Christmas present and one for my own bathroom.
I've been on a mission to use up my yarn stash and came to some chunky my thoughts went back to the I'm making more and thought (and some of you asked) I would share the link with all of you! Also now I won't have to go hunting for it

Chunky Crocheted  Baskets
(I'm crocheting using 2 strands of chunky yarn and a 7mm hook, though the pattern calls for an 8mm)

Make your normal loop and chain 2

This is maybe the trickiest...getting the 8 sc into the 2nd chain from the top or you first chain stitch.

 it's tight but doable.....

 I slip to join the round, then chain 2

  Then you follow the directions, but you can totally choose what size you want your basket to be, by adding rounds to the base before you start on the sides. Or do less rounds to make an even smaller basket. Also choose how tall you want, by adjusting how many rounds you do. That way you can have as many nesting baskets as you want.

 (hdc and then chain missing stitches and continuing to hdc on the other side produces a handle. If you adjust the pattern just remember to adjust the placement of your handles so they will line up with each other, on either side of the basket.)

 Next round you sc around the chain stitches to add cushion and thickness to the handle area

 I won some labels from All This Wood and am loving adding them to my handmade items!! Such a nice finish....

That's it, enjoy making some of your own....but don't be surprised if you thumb hurts a worth it though :)

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