Learning New Knitting Techniques

I saw a very interesting knit hat posted recently 
 on Jennifer's  (@silverbarnes) Instagram account and had to give it a go myself! It's a free pattern called 1898 Hat
Well as it turns out, not only is it a very cool pattern, but their is a great opportunity to be able to give back too!!

The pattern is a free download from, The Seamen's Church Institute Christmas at Sea, a program run to help Mariners. You can find out all about it here...
Now I don't know much about the charity or the site, but I love opportunities to be able to give back, anyway I can, and I love to knit....and I received a great free why not make one or two and send them back to help keep someone warm out on the water and say thanks for the pattern!!

The other reason I wanted to make a post about this hat, besides linking to the pattern itself, was because I learned a few new knitting tricks with this hat that I have never tried before and wanted to be able to find the links myself later

1898 Hat

1. The first thing I learned was a Provisional Cast On.....a way to keep your stitches live to come back to later....I watched this video how to using a crochet hook, easy peasy.

2. The second technique I learned was Grafting in Garter Stitch, but I am going to add links to Garter Stitch and Stocking Stitch, because I should have switched when I came to the middle fold section and didn't....this was my learning hat,  the next one will be even better.....

Garter Stitch Grafting or Kitchener Stitch:

Stocking Stitch:

3. Thought I would share a tip of my own too.....when I  am working on a pattern that requires me to keep track/count any of the stitches or rows, I place the pattern inside a clear heavyweight sheet protector in a binder and use a China Marker to check or tick as I go. Later when I am done I use a tissue and just wipe the marker away!! (a dry erase marker will work too but rubs off the plastic too easily) Ready for the next time I make the same pattern. 

 That's it.....enjoy
and I hope you try one

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