It's My Day on the Modern Selvage Quilting Blog Tour.....

Have you been enjoying the tour so far?
I sure hope you have, I know I have been,
and finding some new online blogging inspirations and friends along the way is always a good thing!!

If you are just finding the tour now, here is the complete list of bloggers so you can get caught up on all the fun....

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And finally it's my day and I can say all the things I have been so anxious to share since opening up the PDF copy I got to preview!!

Modern Selvage Quilting

First I'd like to say thanks to C&T Publishing and Riel for this fun opportunity.
It was just the push I needed....
 I finally got the box of selvages I've been saving, pressed and ready to become amazing quilt projects, and I even took a small bite out of my selvage stash and made one of Riel's amazing quilt patterns!

I really like the way this book is laid out, from the little peak into how Riel started quilting and why she wrote this book, to the basics for selvage saving and sewing, to the 17  small to full sized projects that are shared!
Modern Selvage Quilting includes all the information and visuals that you need to get started and be successful with your own selvage sewing!!

I knew even before I received my sample copy I wanted to try a  selvage block. With a box full of selvages, that  I've been saving since I first heard of using them to sew with, just taunting me....the hardest part was picking which of the project to try, because I liked them all.

For some reason my heart latched onto the Which Way to the Fabric Store quilt project, and one block quickly turned into 4 for a table runner.....but I loved the blocks so much..... 5 more blocks were made and a full quilt was

I just love how the solid selvages have the fringe.....adds another dimension to the blocks.

Another of the things I love about Riel's book is that she lays it all out for you, but with that information I felt the freedom to take liberties....
It's a bonus project, and while Riel gives you all the information you need to make this a precise quilt project, I let go of all of that and eye balled mine. I used white thread instead of changing for every colour and love the affect of the stitching and slightly crooked arrow shafts, it's all part of the no pressure sewing that I experienced making this project, and not at all how I normally sew...I'm pretty precise usually and will stitch rip to make things this was not only fun, but a refreshing experiences for me!!
I think about quilt books like I do a recipe books, once you know the formula, you can tweak the recipe to your own tastes....and I love a good formula!

I want to use this a beach/picnic blanket so I also changed the block sashing size, and added extra borders to make the quilt larger! I even pieced some of the remaining selvages, using the techniques from the book, into the middle border. 💜💙💚💛❤️

I just need to bind and my newest quilt is ready to see some picnic action!!

So all I can add at this point is if you have wanted to do some selvage sewing, I recommend you grab a copy of Modern Selvage Quilting....unless you are one of the lucky ones who wins one during the blog tour!! Or buy your copy and if you are lucky enough to win, bless someone else with a copy!!

 Either way.........Good Luck and happy sewing everyone!!

Got the binding on in time!!!

Your Chance to Win
(and don't forget to stop by all the other bloggers to increase your chances...every blogger is having a give away...US residents will win a paper copy and international winners a digital copy)

 Let's keeping this one simple...

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