Cross My Heart in Garden Gate....with a Fantastic Give Away....

I just can't express how much joy making this quilt has given me...I am in love with this fabric line and keep gushing about it, but I just can't seem to stop myself.....

I'm not sure if the floral prints are triggering a memory of my Great Grandmother's English garden.....
or the first set of pretty floral sheets I had on my bed as a kid....
or is it the gorgeous teals, pinks, peaches and greens....
or the secondary print of dots and petals.....
or maybe the birds and birdcages which remind me of my other grandmother's Budgy...

I can't put my finger on which of the memories, but maybe it's all of the memories, and really does it matter...this fabric just makes me happy!

Garden Gate

I knew from the start this line would work well with my "Cross My Heart" quilt pattern,
but I wanted changed it up a bit, so I decided to try the blocks on point.

The original pattern is set in a normal block formation, so I went back to EQ7 and did a little edit.

While I'm not ready at this point to change the original pattern (because this is my first on point project, and I don't feel qualified) I will share  here how I tweaked my pattern.

To achieve the on point affect requires two sizes of HST. The ones along the sides and across the top and bottom and the four corners. You can do a Google search and find charts to work with that give you your measurements for various sized blocks, these are the measurements I used for my 12.5" unfinished blocks.

(2) 9 3/8" squares

(3) 18 1/8" squares

A couple of tricks I used:

  • I put a pin in the edge I would be sewing to the blocks so I wouldn't get them mixed up (indicated by the green arrows)
  • I find the easiest way to line up the block and the HST/QST is to find the centres and match them, and pin from the centre out each way to the corners
  • Be careful as you will be working with a bias edge on the HST/QST, don't stretch.
  • Build your rows on the diagonal and add corners last

One other quick side note....I have started to add thicker bindings and I'm loving the look! This binding was cut at 4.5" width, and sewn with a 5/8" seam. (I've decided 4.25" works perfectly) Why? It started to give me more working space at the edge of my quilt for stopping my computerized pantos and not having to cut through the quilted stitches. I figured a 1/4" seam plus another 1/4" over gave me a 1/2" window to work with. What I didn't calculate was how much I would like the look. So this is a definite win, win!!
And it sews up just like the normal smaller version, I just measure 5/8" in from the end and mark it with a pin for the turning point!

Hope these quick little tips help, now on with the picture show
 and the fun announcement at the end
....don't miss it!

The fun announcement....
P&B Textiles is offering not 1 but 2 FQ Bundles of Garden Gate!!! 
So 2 lucky makers will get to create something lovely for free....everyone else start calling your local quilt shops and asking for this lovely fabric 😉!! But before you do, put your ballets in the Rafflecopter giveaway and cross your fingers 
one bundle to be won here and the second bundle will be won on Instagram!
Oh yeah, and I thought it might be fun to add 2 PDF patterns of my Cross My Heart Quilt .

(A little shameless plugging here...all my PDF patterns 

That's it....good luck....

a Rafflecopter giveaway



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