My UpStairs HobbyRoom is expanding....

My UpStairs HobbyRoom is expanding....

I am doing my happiest, happy dance 💃🏻today!!!

I mentioned awhile back that my sewing room was going to get a renovation....and it's starting today!!

I couldn't be more thrilled! My space is lovely, but my fabric stash is taking over, and my work areas just aren't "working" anymore. 

So I am busting through the wall (and when I say I, I mean the builder, lol) and taking over the other attic space (second dormer), for fabric storage and another work space area. I feel so blessed!

Today starts with prep work for installing beams to make the floor safe and strong. Then some floor joists, a little truss work to give me head space and use of the dormer area....

Once my new room is ready and the base cabinets from my hobby room have been moved into the new area, I'll be adding sewing tables from

EddyCrest Furniture

 to my hobby room. If you haven't seen Adam's creations, you should check them out. Made here in Canada, but also available in the US and more!!

2 of these short right sewing desks will be coming my way soon!!

Not much to show you at this point but I will keep you up to date with progress pictures as all the fun happens. Follow along over on IG too,  

at uptairshobbyroom.

They are going to be doing as much work from the hatch as they can so they don't have to open up the wall until the drywalling has been done! I very much appreciate that effort,  keeping the dust out of my sewing room/sewing machines and the rest of my house!!! 

That's all my news...still have a huge smile on my face and I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas!!

Enjoy your day 

and don't forget the big link up for our final One Block Wonders and give aways starts this Friday, You don't want to miss this!

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Link Up: One Block Wonders Final Link Up and GiveAway

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