After Christmas Fun!

After Christmas Fun!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas filled with family, fun and laughter!!!

Oh, and not to forget, some good food too!!

And for us here in Ontario Canada, a very white Christmas!!

I also hope you were able to take some time to rest, create or finish a WIP you've been trying to complete all year. 

There were two family celebrations that happened here and they both were fun and loud 

and just a bit hectic.....

I did take some time to make my very first pair of flannel pj bottoms, without an actual pattern!!! 

A Google search confirmed that taking a pair of your pants, you can create your own pattern template I found a pair of jeans that were a bit loose on me and went to work!! 

And much to my great surprise, they turned out fantastic, and have I've been wearing them a lot, lol!! 

I 'll need to make another pair or 3!!!

I also made a matching pair for my little grand on Christmas Eve we snapped a picture of the two of us in our white long sleeve t-shirts and matching flannel bottoms.....

(Forgive the blur bubble, my daughter has asked that I not share any photos publicly, and I respect that)

I also received a few similar gifts from all of my kids and Santa (I love tea, what can I say), and mixed messages...

My youngest, taking a jab at my need for reading glasses...

My middle son and girl friend....could be a slam, but we live on a family farm (hogs) lol

and they also added this awesome pottery yarn bowl!! Love it! So makes up for any possible double meaning ;)

and this one was slipped into my minds think alike as they say...

Farmer's Wife 1930s Sew Along?

Now onto the after Christmas fun....

I went online Christmas day and ordered myself a few new quilt books, and the first one has arrived...

The Farmer's Wife 1930s Sampler Quilt.

99 blocks to honour the inspiring letters from farm women of the Great Depression. 

I can't wait to dig into this book and start building the blocks using the different techniques highlighted ....and I started to think.......

Maybe this could turn into a sew along?

If this is something you might be interested in, you would need your own book, but if this has been on your  "To Do List" or you want a new challenge, or you need a group atmosphere to accomplish, or you know someone who has mentioned this book to you.......or you just want to join in because you already have the book.......

Let me know! And share this post with your friends!

It will take some organizing and I want to try all the different techniques (templates, paper piecing, rotary...I also think this can be constructed by hand sewing?) before trying to show I'm thinking a mid year start. The answers to the questions below will determine the number of blocks and the length of time the Sew Along will take. So please add your answers in the comments, and spread the would be fun to get a good group together!!

  1. Who's interested in the sew along?
  2. How many of the 6" blocks would you be interested in making: 32(lap) 84(twin) 99(queen), (king is 126, 22 repeat blocks)
  3. Are you looking for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly posts?
  4. Do you want a FB Group as well?

Thanks everyone, 

I look forward to your feedback....

Wishing Everyone 

A Happy New Year!!!!!!

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