The Year of the Finish!

The Year of the Finish!

The winter blues had me under its spell for awhile....

but I think spring is starting to show itself around here and my funk is starting to lift!

I never believed in winter blues before this year....

Just like I never understood the need to go south for the winters, till a few winters ago, lol!

I didn't go, but I totally get the appeal!! 

Not sure why this winter hit me so hard......but I am so glad that Spring is just around the corner, fingers crossed....

I have sadly neglected my blog for the last few weeks and missed announcing last months 

Let's S.E.W. link up winner......

Unfortunately it was a small link up again, probably my fault for starting too early, so we are looping February with April and skipping March all together! The faithful link ups will get extra points towards the April sponsored prize, which will be two separate Gift Certificates from Fabric Please....

Hope everyone is starting to see spring, too!! 

Here's a poll question for everyone........

How do you fight the winter blues? If you indeed feel it!!! 

Give me some suggestions to put into my grab bag for next year!!!

Here's a teaser for you too....

There is a big event giveaway coming soon. You do not want to miss it, so if you aren't signed up for email notifications or on Bloglovin' for my blog you should, just saying, this is BIG!!

Sales: Monthly Fabric and Fun Enabler

Sales: Monthly Fabric and Fun Enabler

Let's S.E.W. Linkup! (Big Quilt Bee Blocks)

Let's S.E.W. Linkup! (Big Quilt Bee Blocks)