GiveAway: Eddycrest Naming Contest! IT'S BIG!

GiveAway: Eddycrest Naming Contest! IT'S BIG!

When I say this is Big....I am not kidding.....but how Big? That depends purely upon all of you!!!!

You control the level of prizes in this contest!!! Intrigued?

I'll explain in a minute, but first, let me tell you a little bit about 


I first became aware of Eddycrest Sewing Furniture while on a shop hop here in Ontario, Canada. It was love at first sight, when I saw the sewing table set up in                    Country Patchworks, but I wasn't ready to purchase at the time, because I was still saving for my longarm.

Fast forward a few years and again on the same shop hop, with my husband this time, who is my rock and supports my quilting hobby 100 percent. He also is so much better about spending money on me then I am. Why is it that women feel guilty.... even now that my kids are full grown... I still struggle with spending larger amounts of money on things that are "just for me".....My husband calls them "investment pieces",                 Happy WifeHappy Life, lol and asks me...will they be used, will they make things easier, will they last...yes, yes and yes!!! He's the best, and so right! (don't tell him I said that, πŸ˜‰)

Ok...back to the original post.....

Left: Short Right                                  Right: Standard

We ended up going back and taking an Eddycrest shop tour....and let me tell you, it's impressive!

Starting with the C.N.C. machine that cuts out each blank sheet of baltic birch

The sewing tables are then routered, sanded and branded by the talented Eddycrest team

The Top Secret finishing process comes next and let me tell you it is smooth!! (no pictures of that Then the tables are assembled and ready to ship to all us happy customers!! 

You can see in the first picture I ended up buying a Short Right and a Standard....I'll share more pictures and my experience (all good) in another post, being as this is probably going to be my longest post to date, and you are probably anxious to get to the contest......

And I bet by now you are also wondering what the big surprise is.......or maybe you skipped to the bottom, lol 

Well the Eddycrest team is expanding their product line to include another sewing table size...

It's just perfect for a small room sewer, compact in size, but with the same quality and craftsmanship that Eddycrest puts into all their products......and they are having a hard time coming up with a name.....

They've been calling it, the Basic Sewing Centre work table that is ergonomic and stores just a little bit, but looks and feels "Real Nice" As you can image that is quite a mouth full....that's where you all come in....They have decided to have a naming contest, so get your thinking caps on and come up with your best idea! 

This is not a random draw type of contest, best name wins, chosen by the Eddycrest team...but there is a catch.....

It's a 3 tiered contest: Level 1: If 50 of you lovelies submit your name ideas

The Eddycrest team will award the naming winner with a 40"Quilt Mount with white finish Valued at $70 Can.

click on picture to be taken to a video on how the quilt mount works

But......Level 2: If 500 of you amazing readers submit your name ideas

The Eddycrest team will up the ante and the top prize will become a shelving unit (sorry fabric not included)! Valued at $400 Can. And the Second place winner will receive the Quilt Mount

And if that wasn't good enough.... Level 3: Here it is the top prize, if 1000 of you totally awesome followers and friends submit your name ideas (spread the word)

The Eddycrest team is generously awarding the winning name's submitter with.....Their very own model of the new desk they just named!! How awesome is that!!!And the Second runner up receives the Shelf Unit And the Third runner up receives the Quilt Mount Valued at $950 Can.

And I know right about now, some of you are this contest open outside of Canada.....


Isn't that Fantastic!!

Open to all!!

And if that wasn't awesome enough....A few of my other Blog Sponsors have generously donated more prizes...

So if your name wasn't chosen.....You still could win in the random draw for these 3 amazing prizes...

Rita from


is sweetening the pot with this offer for one lucky random winner

Level 1 Charm Pack of Joel Dewberry's Modernist


Level 2 Layer Cake of Joel Dewberry's Modernist


Level 3 Layer Cake of Joel Dewberry's Modernist + 3 yards winners choice from Modernist line (must choose in stock yardage)

Pam from


Level 1 $10.00 Gift Certificate or

Level 2  $20.00 GC or 

Level 3 $40.00 GC

BeBe from


Level 1 $25.00 Gift Certificate or

Level 2  $50.00 GC or

Level 3 $75.00 GC

So here is what you have to do......You knew you would have to do something,πŸ˜‰

I tried to keep it really share via social media, on FB share original post with blog link, IG share any Contest post with #1000NamesWins

 Let's get to a 1000+ name submissions and max out these prizes!! But, do stop by the links I provided to the sponsors and look around and share some love or stop by their social media sites and say thanks.....

If you are a non reply blogger, please please please leave an email address....I sure would hate for you to loose out because I can't find you

To add your name for submission, click on the comments link below! 

There have been a few comments that haven't made it through...I've checked all my settings and am not sure what is happening. If for some reason you comment doesn't post, email me directly....but try the comment link first! Thanks. Trying to keep all the names in one place. 

upstairshobbyroom at gmail dot com

Thanks Everyone

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I'm an ADORNit Girl!!!

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