Tips: Appliqué Tips Using Clover's Wonder Fuse and a Bonus GiveAway

Tips: Appliqué Tips Using Clover's Wonder Fuse and a Bonus GiveAway

First thing I want to share is I am by no means an expert on the appliqué techniques.  That is why I named the post "Tips" and not a Tutorial, 😜! I'm just sharing some things that I have learned while trying out raw edge appliqué and an idea that surfaced after I had finished! I hope it will help others out there that maybe new to the technique... and I reference my own posts all the time when it's been awhile since I have tried in point, I referenced my tutorial on adding a quilt sleeve to finish my last project!!


When I had the opportunity to try Wonder Fuse (my first time)I had a few projects in mind, but once I started thinking my mind started churning and more ideas kept coming... I love that!!

Tip #1: Follow the instructions provided on you packaging. I know this seems unnecessary to say, but I maybe the worst at skipping this step and wondering why things don't always go right, lol! Why, because I want to get to the fun stuff...😬

Tip #2:    Print Pattern in Reverse: Don't forget to either print your pattern in reverse or flip the pattern and trace it in reverse. You are fusing first to the wrong side of you fabric and then onto your project fabric. This is super important for letters and numbers...(not saying that I have forgotten to do this...I have so forgotten to do this, 😂

Tip #3: Rough Cut: After Tracing your pattern onto the Wonder Fuse rough cut around your pattern and fuse to your chosen fabric before doing the final pattern shape cutting. It should help cut down on fraying of your fabric edges.   

Project 1

Adding some letters and numbers to my Blast Off Quilt! More coming about this project in the next few months....but I wasn't sure what to add to it, being as I made it more of a boy's quilt and I don't have little boys or a grandson at this point....

So I went with the only thing I could think of....The Quilts Name and Year of my Design...

Using the tips above...I couldn't print in reverse so I flipped the letters over and outlined from the reverse side.

Tip #4: Use a Light Source: Taping your pattern to a window while tracing helps if your pattern isn't dark enough to see clearly through the Wonder Fuse.

I was super impressed with how well the paper peeled off the Wonder Fuse after it was pressed to my pattern fabric.

Tip #5: Small Sharp Scissors: For those small tight areas, nothing beats small pointy and sharp scissors.

Tip #6: Use a Ruler: If you are laying out a pattern of pieces, don't be afraid to grab your ruler and marking pen. Press and fuse piece by piece.

The paper backing is easy to write on.

Tip #7: This one is really just for me, lol: Do your appliqué on your blocks before you sew your quilt together....Yes, It is doable, but I don't recommend it...😂 way to much bulk to deal with.

Project 2

This is one of the lovely rows from the Christmas Carol Row Along that I made,                           Oh Holy Night by Patti's Patchwork. 

Tip #8: Piecing your Appliqué: If your pattern happens to be larger then the Wonder Fuse sheets, no worries, just trace in sections, then when you are fusing to your fabric...apply the first section and fuse and then butt the next section up and fuse in place and so on. Then cut out your pattern. 

Project 3

This is the one I am most excited to share....mostly because I had never thought to do this before...and it was part of those brain churning moments.


I've been sewing English Paper Pieced hexies along with a group on IG for #100Hexies100Days2017 and while I love doing EPP, I already have an epp project I have been working on for years (and I do mean years) all hand sewn and using scraps and 3/4" hexies. While I was smart enough to choose 2" hexies this time, the thought of having to hand sew all those hexies together to finish this project....I just don't have time right now to do it, but I didn't want it to go unfinished either....I have enough WIPs and UFOs already.


Then it hit me, duh! Fuse them...but to what... and then the full idea formed when I remembered that I had a 5" charm pack of 100 Modern solids from Free Spirit.....and 2" hexies (which are really 3.5" finished) would fit on those perfectly!! I also discovered that a 1.5" hexie template with a 1/4" seam allowance (3 1/8") works perfectly with the 2" hexies (3.5"finished) for cutting the Wonder Fuse to size. So I cut 3 1/8" strips of the Wonder Fuse (the measurement of the hexie from flat top to flat bottom) and subcut the hexies! (Same concept as cutting the fabric for the hexies, as pictured below)

I removed the paper and thread from the hexies and repressed them. I centred the Wonder Fuse, which perfectly covered the raw edges of the hexie keeping all the edges tucked under and now glued in place.  I then removed the paper backing. I folded the charm squares in half both ways to find the centres and then place the hexies on top and align with the fold lines to centre and then pressed into place.

To finish the blocks I set my sewing machine to a blanket stitch (R) with 2.5 as the length and width (standard to that blanket stitch) and appliquéd the hexie in place. When I finish all the hexies in another 42 days I will lay out all the blocks and sew them together. I think this is going to be an amazing I Spy Quilt. Not only are there different images on all the hexies to look for, but now with the charms, lots of colours to look for too. 

The thing I liked about this the raw edges...which got me thinking...was there a way to do more appliqué with a turned edge using the Wonder Fuse??

A straight edge makes this technique doable...I am sure there are other ideas I need to Google search and learn, but I was experimenting...and excited to see that this worked.

  1. I traced the letters I was going to use...bonus for me, my granddaughters name can be printed in straight sided letters and no reversing is necessary!!
  2. I trimmed the Wonder Fuse adding a small seam allowance and pressed to my fabric. 
  3. I notched the corners and Y cut where necessary.
  4. This is where it got fun. I finger pressed the top and bottom seams and the heat from my fingers was enough to adhere the fuse together. How cool is that! Then I finger pressed the sides into place. (I pressed between my thumb and my first two fingers) 
  5. There is still enough of the remaining Wonder Fuse showing in the centre of the I trimmed any frays, etc. flipped the letter over and pressed onto my fabric and blanket stitched in place.

How Cool is That....


Now onto the bonus part of this blog post...

Wonder Clips

Do you love them as much as I do?

I am a pin magnet it seems...meaning I am forever pricking myself and bleeding when I have to use pins...and blood and quilting are not a good combination! So whenever I can substitute Wonder Clips for pins I am a very happy and a much safer quilter/sewer!

I have always had the original Wonder Clips and when I saw the new Mini Clip option I have to say my original thought was, Why? ...and that won't be as strong a hold! 


After using them I know the why....You can get closer when you are sewing without the width of the clip getting in the way. You can get a more precise hold on a point or smaller area or project...And the strength of that hold....perfect, no issue there, just like the original! I'm sold!! It's going to be fantastic using these clips by themselves or in combination with my other 100 or so original Wonder Clips...I did mention I love them 😉 

And as you may have noticed in some of my pictures I was having fun using them outside of my hobby room too!!


How would you like a chance to try the Wonder Fuse and Wonder Clips for yourself?

One lucky person is going to get that chance....just follow the instructions within Rafflecopter and it might be you!!!

The GiveAway is open to Canada and the USA only. Sorry to all our friends in other countries, hopefully the next giveaway will include all of you too!!

I want to thank Clover USA for sending me a package of Wonder Fuse and Wonder Clips to sample and review...As always the views and opinions stated in my blog posts are my own and in my own words...

I love being able to share with all of you...My blog goal has always been to inspire and inform... So being able to give first hand accounts of quilt and sewing relate products is a bonus! 

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