Blog Hop: It's My Day for the New York Beauties & Flying Geese

Blog Hop: It's My Day for the New York Beauties & Flying Geese

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Finally I get to share....I've been so excited about this book and blog hop, it's been hard to wait!

I'm not exaggerating when I say, I have always shied away from curved piecing ( It scares me, intimidates me....You get the picture) and when I have tried, I didn't much care for the outcome.....

11208_141b copy.jpg


But, I also like to push myself and except a challenge...and when asked to be a part of the blog hop.... This book cover just sucked me in....


Total Eye Candy

Total Eye Candy

Who wouldn't want to create some of those amazing projects!! As I flipped through my ebook, I fell more in love with Carl's patterns, so I decided failure was not an option!!

11208_120 copy.jpg

I don't know what clicked, but something finally did, and I am so excited to share my finished project!!

I also wanted to say thanks to CT Publishing for the above photos from New York Beauties and Flying Geese, and for inviting me to be a part of this blog hop, thank you Carl, it has been such a pleasure. I love everything about this book...from the gorgeous sample quilts representing the patterns, to the book's layout...Carl includes lots of tips, fabric idea and layout plans....

I had such a great time working on my project for this blog hop event, so I know you are going to love hopping from blog to blog over the remaining 10 days seeing Carl's patterns come to life through all the different bloggers joining in.

On the off chance that someone else struggles with curved's what I did differently this time....I'm so sorry I forgot to take a picture.... I found the centres of the first two sections that I was joining, by folding in half and finger pressing. Then I pinned the pieces together at that centre mark. Then I matched the straight outside edges and pinned there, and finally I used my hands to guide and manage the fabric, matching the curves.  I had much more success this way then trying to add extra pins. The other wonderful thing I discovered...the further out in the circle I went the easier the curves are to piece!!! Whoop, Whoop!!! (you probably all knew that already, lol, I can be a slow learner)

I have to laugh at myself...the longest part of the whole building of the blocks, for me, was in gathering and laying out my fabric choices from my stash...but it was so worth all the time...and that is just me...way to picky and an over thinker....

I decided to choose four random blocks from the templates at the back the book, so I could try multiple different styles of the piecing....

And then join them together to make a square pillow. It was also all I had time for right now! I will be making a larger project in the futures!!! And one of those round pillows...they are fantastic!!

And you can lay your blocks out in multiple different ways, which is fun to see... But, chose the circle for my pillow, so it looked more like the colour wheel I was aiming for.

I quilted the pillow top with one of my go to digital pantos called Malachite! And used leftover pieces to add a cute flap to the zipper back!!

Well I hope this has inspired you to think about picking up a copy of Carl's new book for your very own and try one of these fantastic blocks or quilts!!


One lucky blog hopper is going to be lucky enough to win a copy of their very own....

If you live in the US, CT Publishing will be sending you a hard copy of the book,  an international winner will receive an ecopy.

Just to make it easier for me to pick a random winner I'm using Rafflecopter, but keeping it really simple.

Leave a comment, anything...what you've liked best so far, are you afraid of curves like me? A tip or trick for curved piecing if you love it......just say

And a winner will be chosen at the end of the blog hop, and I am pretty sure every blogger is giving away a copy, so drop each day for the link to the next blogger!!

And just a heads up....

my blog address will be changing in the next few weeks. I will send out one final blog post from here, before the change is final....still some tweaking left to do.....

but I am so excited about the new layout, but nervous about learning a new interface.....hopefully it will all go smoothly!

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GiveAways: We Have a Winner.....Eddycrest Naming Contest

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I'm an ADORNit Girl!!!