Tutorial: Quilt As You Go String Block

Tutorial: Quilt As You Go String Block

Refreshing some old blog address links to the new website, so please forgive the double post today!! I hope this tutorial will be a good reminder to you as well as to me....I have a collection of, quilt project, fabric leftovers that need to be organized and made into something pretty! I see another Quilt As You Go String Block Quilt in my future!!

Quilt as You Go:

For this QAYG project, I determined the size of my blocks by what scraps of batting I had in my binds. The largest size I ended up being able to cut my blocks was 6". Ideally I wish I had 6.5" or 7" blocks so that I could have had the 1/2"-1" for trimming and seams, but this is about using up scraps so you go with what you have!!

Start by cutting your batting and backing squares to the largest size you can, remember you will be trimming your blocks back to square before you sew the blocks together, which means your blocks lose size for timming and seams. Then grab all you scrap strips and lets get sewing!!

 To start place the backing right side down  putting the batting on top. Make sure all your edges are lined up.

 Place your first strip down right side up somewhere near the center, place the next strip on top, right sides together, wrong side facing up. Make sure each strip you use is long enough to cover the top and bottom edge of your block.
Than sew a  1/4" seam.

Flip your top piece over and finger press it down. Depending on what batting you are using you could press it with an iron. Don't iron synthetic batting it will melt and mess up your iron.
 So just keep adding different sized strips and sewing in the same way till you reach the end. Than rotate your block and  add strips to the other side.

 When you are done it will look something like this. Now the reveal... You can see from the back shot that the batting and backing shifted slightly and that is why you should cut the starting block a little larger so you can clean up the block during the trimming.

 So using a squaring ruler, trim your block from the back so you can see the square shape
 And your first block is completed!! Now just keep going till you run out of scraps or you have enough squares to make something!! Doesn't have to be a quilt!! Could be a bag or placemats, ipad cover, who knows.....

If  you want to join your blocks into a quilt, the link below is a video tutorial from the Gourmet Quilter I found on YouTube. She has some really good tutorials.

How to join up a quilt as you go block

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