A Very Personal Post

A Very Personal Post

Hi all I know it has been hit and miss for me here on my blog lately and I will get to that in a minute but first I wanted to share a few pictures and info about Noah’s Ark Orphanage in the Philippines. My daughter, husband and youngest son have all gone multiple times on missions trips to Noah’s Ark in the past few years and my husband is hoping to go again in the spring. I am not much of a traveler so I get involved in the sewing making end of things. There is always a list of needed items and the ladies at our church have made diapers, bibs, quilts, crocheted items…whatever is needed. Last time I was on bibs and again this time again with the help of other ladies from my church.

I reached out to Diaper Sewing Supplies again, they will donate PUL 2nds that they have on hand for projects like this and only ask that I pay for the shipping. It is such a help and so appreciated. Using the PUL fabric is fantastic for bibs as it repels liquid, and with so many special needs kids wearing bibs all day, this will help keep them dry.

This year there are two different PUL designs…this cute bumble bee design and this adorable fox print.


I’ve tweaked the design from the previous year as it turns out the bibs were a bit big. This time we will also be adding bias tape around the neck to finish the bibs and add ties. That way they will fit any size child or teen. I’m hoping to get this project all organized and ready for the others ladies within the next few weeks.

Here is the segue into the personal part of the post….

I’ve been under going some test and waiting for the results to come in….it’s been a long 9 months with ups and downs and a lot of frustrations….unfortunately the test results came in on Monday and I have been diagnosed with Lymphoma, a cancer of the lymph nodes. I am now waiting for an appointment with the specialist to find out more and the course of treatment I will have.

Needless to say it has been a rough week….with lots of tears, sharing with my family was extremely emotional and I still cry when I have to talk about it…I’m sitting here with tears ready to fall…..but I also have wonderful support all around me…my family, my friends and my church are all lifting me up in prayer. My brother has friends on both sides of Canada praying too.

I share here for 2 reasons…1.) I appreciate that you have chosen to follow my quilting journey and I wanted you to know why I have been so absent and 2.) If you are a believer, prayer warrior I ask that you add me to your prayer list. Pray for peace, strength, healing, and good doctors…and pray for my family because they are in this too.

I can say that it is well with my soul, but the human me is scared for all that is coming, so your prayers will be so much appreciated.

I don’t know how often I will be posting in the next while…I will try and keep you up to date, but I don’t think anyone including me wants this blog to become a journal for this new journey I will be taking.

Thank you all and God Bless

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