Health  and Philippines Update.....

Health and Philippines Update.....

Well let’s start with the bibs for the upcoming Missions Trip to Noah’s Ark in the Philippines….I am so happy to say that to date 33 of the small bibs (I was able to cut out 65) are all sewn and ready to go….and 12 of the 18 larger bibs are also sewn and ready to go….I was motivated with this time line I am on and also it is so good to be able to stay busy doing something good for someone else…..So come January I will hand off the remaining bibs to my Mother in law to find sewers within the Thursday morning bible study at our church.


Health Update: If you missed the last post you might want to read it first…..

I received a call from my Dr. this week, a specialist had requested more tests…blood work and another CT Scan this time with Readi-Cat (Barium Sulfate Suspension) Anyone had to drink this stuff? Please let me know what to expect! It says its orange flavoured….

Well the blood work is done and the CT Scan is booked for middle of January…seems like a long time to wait when you are in this situation, but I have to keep telling myself it is not what I see or feel but what I know and I know God is bigger.

I also received a call from my specialists office too, I will be seeing my Hematologist at the beginning of January…I guess I will get more answers then….it was a hard day receiving that call…made it more real and again I struggled and cried….I get frustrated with myself, because I know God is bigger, I know that so many people are praying and yet I still struggle….thank goodness for the bible, for your prayers and mine and for good music…I have made myself a playlist of worship songs and Christian music, that I called Sandy’s going Through the Storm. If you have a scripture that has helped you or a song…please share it in a comment below and I will look it up….

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has commented, I have read each and everyone one here on FB and IG….and your prayers and words of encouragement have meant so much to me. Please continue to remember me and my family as I move forward into the unknown (to me, not Got)….

Another Health Update

Another Health Update

A Very Personal Post

A Very Personal Post