March Minkins Challenge

March Minkins Challenge

More fun sewing challenges from Sew Sweetness and her Minikins pattern set....this month she chose her Sidewinder pattern...




And I was challenged with another sewing technique/ sewing step that I haven't tried before...the lining installation for this one is new to me, and will require another try or two to perfect, but I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to how my quilts, bags, really anything I make, finish up. 


Here's what I learned and Sara even suggests the first tip...

  1. Start with the large size first. I made all three, but definitely always did the steps on the large first, then med, then small, still chain piecing, but large first.
  2. Make sure you take your time cutting out the pattern and I suggest folding your large pattern in half to check the corners...I found my two corners for the large pattern were not equal. So I just trimmed to match. Small and medium aligned perfectly...
  3. If you don't like cutting your patterns out on the fold consider printing another set and taping them together to make a full pattern...but again watch that you cut accurately and overlap properly to stay at the proper size. 

Of course I had to vary from the pattern a bit, lol...if you follow along you know I can't help adding something, usually more pockets...this time it was elastic...


I've just started to get into Essential Oils...and I have so much to learn, and thought the small size would be the perfect pouch for 15ml bottles...and I was right...holds 7, staggered. I will post a tutorial soon, but my first attempt was not good enough to I'll get back to you when I perfect the addition. Or if you have already and want to share, please add a link! Or tips, in the comments...(can you leave a link?? mmm, I've never actually tried that?? Fingers crossed)


Well, that's it for this off to get some sewing done on some WIPs that have been waiting far too long! 

Have you been following along or participating in the #igquiltfest hosted by 8 was Stacks...and again I was reminded that I have far to many stacks of unfinished projects, quilt tops and scraps, all begging to be made into something I go, diving in, let's see what I can get done this weekend!! 

Happy Sewing Everyone!!


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