New Pattern....Topographical is available now

New Pattern....Topographical is available now

I am so excited to share that the Topographical Quilt pattern is finally done and posted to my pattern shops. Both links can be found in the drop down menu! 


I have to thank Missy for lighting the fire under me...I thought I had finished or at least started writing the Topographical quilt, it is one of my favourites. So it surprised me to find out...nope I had not taken my notes from the One Block Wonders QAL and written the complete pattern. 


The fun part of realizing that...I got to make another one to refresh my I started another  in a new colour way! Best way to write and tweak a pattern is to make one, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it, lol. I loved the first version in blues, teals and greens...gifted to my nephew...but this time I went girly....pinks, purples and blues. 

I am jumping ahead as I haven't sewn the blocks together on this new colour way, but just couldn't wait to's just a fun, graphic pattern to play around with colours and shades!

And.....Shhh....I am working on another twist too...more to come on that later!


Sorry I know the picture isn't the's been raining here the last few days, so lighting is poor! I will share more pictures as I get this top together, borders added and quilted, but I'm loving this colour way too.


On a different subject matter, but still solid fabric related....if you are like me you go through a lot of solid fabric for backgrounds or fun quilts like the Topographical or Rainbow Stacks quilt (remember that one...another one of my favourites)


Well Sew Sisters is having a bolt sale...

I love buying my favourite back ground shades by the, whites, navy and I thought I would share and give you a link incase you want to check out Sew Sister's May Deall!!

Happy shopping...

Limited Craftsy Deals...Happening Right Now

Limited Craftsy Deals...Happening Right Now