Round One, Done....

Round One, Done....


I was so happy to get the top done before Round One… wrinkly but I’ll take care of that before quilting it!! Just so glad to see it together!!

Round one done….Today is the first day I am starting to feel like myself, so I thought I would give you a quick update….

It’s been a rough start, from reacting poorly to the second med in my chemo mix, day one…turning an already long 8 hour day into a 10 hour day and then having to come back at 9 am for day two…..but the nurses where amazing and they were all so kind….to the nausea and flushing system🙃 that shut down, because of the meds…to trying to eat because you know you have to…but the sight of food and the smells are just too much to take….plain and boring is the name of the game for the first week…..I will be more prepared the next round…..

Praise Report

Did I share with you all that my chemo mix won’t cause my hair to fall out….but I proactively cut my hair short (sorry for the awful picture) thinking it would be less traumatic….but it’s a win…so much faster to dry with it short…and I like it…but it will grow if I change my mind again….

And my husband who should get an award has been amazing …he is having surgery in less than two weeks on a 3cm tear in his shoulder and has been taking care of me so well, even though he is in his own pain….moving forward he is going to have his own recovery (3 month) immobilized arm for at least 2 plus week and we are going to learn humility I think and having to ask for and except help…God is teaching a lot of life lessons on this journey. Why is it so much easier to give help then receive it?

Well that’s it…can I ask a favour though? I know that the quilting and creative world in general is so giving…please look for a way to donate your talents…if you knit or sew, find a place to donate hats or caps for chemo patients….check with your local hospitals or cancer clinics to see what they could use….ask a friend who’s going through a difficulty or health issue what you can do to help, and don’t take nothing as an answer…there is always something, even if that is just to listen.

Have a great week everyone…hug your family…

Another Health Update

Another Health Update