Look, I Sewed!!! Last Round...and a Request....

Look, I Sewed!!! Last Round...and a Request....

I know I have been radio or blog silent for the last 5 months as I have been going through my Cancer journey, and the is partly do to the lack of sewing, the rough ride and total lack of energy.


The last few weeks it has been that and fear….this journey has had some unexpected twists and turns for sure….I get asked all the time “how is it going”…and I honestly have to say for the most part it hasn't been a bad as my imaginings…and some parts have been more scary and painful and things I had never even thought of…Cancer Sucks as the saying goes. I can only speak for my journey because there are so many cancers, so many treatment plans, so many different chemo drugs that all have different side affects.

My blessings…

I have had so many people rally around me and support me…my family with love and prayers, my husband has been my rock…there for every appointment, holding my hand, caring for me, holding me… my heart is full! And all the ladies at church who have made and sent food over the last 6 months…2 angels that sent food over and over and over again…you blessed me so much

I didn’t loose my hair (though nothing grows very fast either so my hair is thinner then when I started…so praise be to God that he gave me a thick head of hair)

I have had flu like systems that last at least 2 weeks which isn’t fun, but I have never actually sick to my stomach, Amen!!

For the first few (2-4) months my skin was super sensitive and I think I shared I ended up buying satin Pj’s so that I could sleep. I also bought Norwex pillowcases and made some satin ones… That helped so much. Lately I have been wearing my normal pjs and all is righting itself with my skin…Amen

The Harder Stuff…

Round 3 was the hardest hit with side affects after Chemo, ranging from the normal to painful leg aches and 4 days straight with all day headaches…I rarely get a headache…That was brutal…and because my temperature was spiking and I can only take Tylenol (because of bleeding issue with other blood thinning type pain meds) I couldn’t take anything to help with the pain because it would block my temperature readings. ( high temps 38.3 mean straight to the hospital ER (fear of infections)…again thank God that never happened) So I was very nervous when I went back for Round 4, but all went well.


Round 5 ( a Monday )… veins are starting to show the affects of Bendamustine and round five was filled with tears….two nurses tried painfully and without success to place the IV in my right arm they couldn’t find a vein. I was crying silently, my husband went pail and I thought he might have to leave, but he sat valiantly with me. A third nurse was able to get the IV in my left arm, unfortunately I know now that it either wasn’t in properly or the vein was so damaged from previous round it was leaking…..I told them my arm was hurting and they wrapped it with a warm blanket , but it continued to hurt. (by Wednesday i had a pink line up passed my elbow, a sheet resting on my arm caused me pain, I walked around protecting my arm from any bumps…and I couldn’t straighten my arm because it felt like something inside my arm was going to snap.) It’s getting better, but my arm still hurts and

I’m leaving shortly to head into the hospital for Round 6 Day One….final round, final Day 2 tomorrow….

If you’ve made it to here reading……..why am I sharing all this…..I know some of you will not see this till after my chemo today because I am posting this late, but for those of you who do read this I’m asking that you pray for me! today at 2pm EST and tomorrow at 11:30am I am a bit nervous but I know that God will see me through…and knowing that others are agreeing with me gives me peace and comfort. I told a friend yesterday that I know all the prayers are getting me through and keeping me upright.

I can’t thank you all enough for sharing this journey with me, God Bless!


I sewed….I have managed to cut all my scraps of batting into usable squares for quilt as you go blocks…and sewed 4 in greens.

I t felt a little strange sitting at my sewing machine again, but the natural flow came back…

Loving where this is going!!

Not sure if I will stick to just green or will use all the different scrap bins I have collected, but there certainly a lot of options!!

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

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Health Update...and Pretty Quilty Eye Candy

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